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Established in 2010, this innovative B.S. program aims to educate students with an extensive knowledge of human sciences in order to meet the increasing demands of the biopharmaceutical industry, and personal and translational medicine research.

  • n Molecular Medicine
  • n Personal Medicine
  • nPreventive Medicine
  • n Regenerative Medicine
  • n Translational Medicine

Core capability
(1)To have a good ability in foreign languages, a global perspective, and a basic ability to express oneself in scientific terms
(2)To have strong-rooted knowledge in basic science and an appropriate scientific attitude
(3)To have the ability to design and carry out experiments of Biomedical science, and analyze data
(4)To be able to employ methods of thinking in areas such as Engineering and the Humanities to explore topics in Medical Science
(5)To be familiar with professional knowledge in Medical Science and understand its development